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Ever find that your desktop is getting a bit crowded? Overrun with windows and documents, browsers and applications? Multiply your desktop space by 4!

Microsoft Desktops is a very simple little program from the computer giant that splits your desktop into four separate screens, navigable with a selection of keys. The idea is simple - you split the contents of your desktop between the four screens, leaving you with more space on each.

The interface is a very simple one. You chose the hotkeys you'll use to swap between one screen and another, decide if you want to run Microsoft Desktops at start-up and that's about it. The program icon will sit in the task bar when closed and by right-clicking on it, you can open up the interface or chose a particular screen from a visual representation of the four.

Some might accuse Microsoft Desktops of lacking features, but it does what it says it will without complications. Other programs might do the same and more, but sometimes you just want the basics. If that's true, then Microsoft Desktops is for you. All you have to remember is what desktop you left which application on!

Microsoft Desktops - a simple tool to maximize desktop space.

Microsoft Desktops


Microsoft Desktops 1.02

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